Fall Brunch on the Deck!

We have a fantastic Seasonal and Organic Brunch menu to offer our guests every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We serve on our heated deck and have blankets should you need one or you may have a table inside by request. Takeout is also available. Our hours are 10:30-2:30.

Stay Updated

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Farm to Table Cafe

Our menu is primarily organic and over half of it is locally grown. We use healthy oils, grains, sweeteners and source our meat and eggs locally from organic pesticide free farms and ranches. We’re happy to accommodate any request per diet or health concerns.


Yoga Studio

We have a nice studio space and offer Yoga and other therapeutic classes a few times a week. Currently we have a flow class and a hatha yoga. See our Yoga Studio page for the current line up.


Event Venue

We are also a venue for house concerts, parties and the other odd requests we get! Along with our restaurant space we have a gorgeous event space to host your party or class along with our own offerings a couple times a month.


Yoga on the Deck!


We have 3 classes a week right now. We take 6 students per class to allow for social distancing and ask that you wear your mask upon arrival.  We teach on Tue and Thur at 9:30 and at 4 pm on Sunday.  Our parking is limited in front of the cafe, so you may or may not have to park in O’reilly’s parking lot in the spots that face the highway instead of the spots in front of the store. Thanks!