Takeout/Delivery options during the pandemic

See below for the current menu… and scroll down for more info on how to order and how to sign up for deliveries


Our Takeout Tuesday Menu will be posted below every Friday afternoon and will also be sent out in an Email Newsletter as well. You can reply to the Newsletter address with your order! Easy Peasy


We need all of the orders in by 10 am Monday, preceding the Tuesday Takeout. Sometimes we have extra but it's not a guarantee. We really want to feed you so don't forget...10 am Monday is cutoff.


We will have Takeout Tuesday meals ready for pickup every Tuesday in the parking lot of the Cafe between 3-5.


We will do town deliveries from 4-6 every Tuesday.

Menu for Tuesday, June 30,  Pick up or Delivery from 3-5 pm

ORDER BY 11 am Monday, June 29



Local Greens, Pickled Root Veggies, Raisins, Toasted Sunnies, Feta. (optional) w/local herb infused Italian Balsamc Vinaigrette


Veggie Bowl

Veggie Bowl: $11.00

New Orleans style Summer Squash, Tomato and Red Bean Jambalaya over Rice
Meat Bowl

Meat Bowl: $12.00

Wild Shrimp and Pork Sausage Jambalaya over Rice.
The Roast Dinner

The Roast: $11.00

Roasted Chicken w/ Lemon Caper Aioli, Herby Rice and Squash, Garlic and Tomatoes au gratin
Veggie Casserole

Small- Feeds One: $6.50

Greek Spanakopita! Spinach Pie-Layers of Spinach, Chard and Kale with oregano, egg, garlic, lemon and feta cheese baked between layers of fill pastry, yum Feeds 1 person
Happy Hippy Jar

Happy Hippy Jar: $5.00

Pomodoro (Basil, Garlic, Tomatoes) over Pasta w/ Parmesan, you may request Gluten or Dairy Free
Opal's Amazing Sourdough

Opal's Amazing Sourdough: $7.00

Fresh Baked by Opal with Live Sourdough Starter and Organic Flour

8 oz Hummus: $4.00

Zaatar and Kalamati Olive Hummus

Oooey Gooey Rich and Chewy Fudge Brownies: $3.00

Oooey Gooey Rich and Chewy Fudge Brownies

Other Items...


From Nu Java Coffee Roasters...

Nu Java Brewed Awakenings

Whole Bean 14 oz: $12.00

Nu Java Brewed Awakenings

Fresh Ground 14 oz: $12.00

Nu Java French Roast

Whole Bean 14 oz: $12.00

Nu Java French Roast

Fresh Ground 14 oz: $12.00

Nu Java Sumatra

Whole Bean 14 oz: $12.00

Nu Java Sumatra

Fresh Ground 14 oz: $12.00


From the Farms...

Kale and Parsley Pesto

8 oz jar: $8.75

Local farmer Patrice Gros is making Kale and Parsley Pesto. Its a great pasta topper! Vegan and Delicious.
Refreshing Green Vinaigrette

16 oz: $8.75

Patrice Gros' Refreshing Green Vinaigrette for all your salad, sandwich and grilled meat needs. $8.75 for 16 oz
Creamy Vegan Mushroom Pate

8 oz Pate: $8.75

New Product from Patrice, Creamy Vegan Mushroom
Lemon Ginger Kefir

Quart Jar: $6.50

Sparkling Pro-Biotic Water Kefir from Marcie B. 1 Quart for $5.50 plus $1 jar deposit
Tart Cherry Kefir

Quart Jar: $6.50

Sparkling Pro-Biotic Water Kefir from Marcie B. 1 Quart for $5.50 plus $1 jar deposit
Organic Salad Mix

1 Bag of Salad Mix: $4.00

Bag of Organic Salad Mix from Cecille Berry
Fresh Eggs

Dozen: $5.00

C & C Farms Pasture Raised Fresh Eggs

For the Freezer...

Organic frozen items for you to stock up on!

Grass pastured frozen Ground Beef

Pound: $8.00

Conway Farms Grass pastured frozen Ground Beef
Frozen Pint of Guinness Beef Stew
New Offering!! Frozen pint of Guinness Beef Stew (one for the freezer and you supply your own noodles or rice.
Rich Bone Broth w/ Chicken and Tiny Pasta
Tiny Pasta, Chicken, Veggies and Bone Broth. Its good for what ails ya, put one in your freezer
Chocolate Chip & Walnut Cookie Dough

4 Frozen Balls: $9.00

Chocolate Chip & Walnut Cookie Dough. These are the ones we sell on the weekends, yum!
Option One


  • Fill out the order form below for easiest way to order or feel free to call, email or text.
  • We will bring your food to your car in the parking lot when you pull up.
  • Due to the current health risks, we cannot use your personal containers, but we will provide disposable eco-friendly containers.
  • Pickups in our parking lot on Tuesday between 3-5pm.
Option Two


  • Within 5 miles of Eureka Springs only.
  • Depending on demand, we may consider out of town deliveries. Call us for info.
  • $5 fee for all in-town deliveries
  • Deliveries will happen on Tuesday from 4-6pm.
  • Deliveries are scheduled in order according to the route we use as we leave the cafe.

How to Order.

By Text

Shoot Chef Dava a text at (970) 309-0510. Please text us your name too! You can pay when you pick up on Tuesday with Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Card.

By Email or Online Order Form

Our favorite way for you to order is on our online ordering form. It's easy for you and its great for us because we don't make mistakes counting! You can also subscribe to our Newsetter and simply respond to the email/menu we send out every week with your order. Bring payment with you and we'll meet you in the parking lot.


You can prepay if you would like to avoid money handling all together. Prepaid tabs of $250 or more by check or cash will receive a 10% discount on their meals. You can otherwise pay as you go with Cash, Check or Debit/Credit card when you arrive to pick up your food.